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Mar 18, 2019

“The journey is about learning to honor and praise every little step we make. These are huge contributions that change the world.” - Sonya Stattmann (6:42-7:09)

Sonya Stattmann & Laura Shook-Guzman
Women in the Business Arena

Women are transforming the business arena. Forty-percent of all entrepreneurs are now women, making it more important than ever to support each other, share our stories, and be vulnerable on our paths to entrepreneurial success.

As entrepreneurs, we often are our business, and the small movements we make in the path of building our business leads to bold shifts in both business and personal life. As women, we need to honor the little steps we take because those small movements exponentially grow into huge contributions that change the world.

“The biggest shifts you make are going to be inside...the ones no one else sees. But they will be felt. The whole world will feel them.”

- Sonya Stattmann (20:52-21:01)

Women have always influenced how the world works, and today’s business owners are proving things can operate in a different way. It is completely possible to achieve success while still being able to slow down, have balance, and be conscious and intentional in our relationships. These changes aren’t just affecting how women work. They’re also improving work for men who want more time with their families and the flexibility to take care of themselves.

The Three Life-Shifting Business Lessons

Redefine and Step Into Who You Are. As your business grows, step back and redefine who you are. Entrepreneurs don’t always give themselves permission to make the necessary pivots in their work. They operate on old patterns. But to succeed as entrepreneurs, we need to realize that nothing is as important as being in full alignment with self. If you’ve become stronger and more resilient from running your own business, it’s up to you to recognize and honor that.

Don’t get caught up in old rules, structures, or definitions. Instead, recreate the agreements you’ve made. Women are hungry to redefine themselves while breaking boundaries and limitations, but that change has to start from within.

Create and Embody a Bigger Vision. Successful entrepreneurs are always shifting their perspective to a bigger vision. But it takes more than just cognitive conceptualization of what we want to achieve. Embody your vision. You have to feel it, and it has to become a part of who you are. So we need to ask ourselves, “Is this what I really want?”

Feelings and physical sensations are a great place to start. Physical sensations can help us identify those things that aren’t right. Although our cognitive thoughts are important to this process, they’re often conditioned by past experiences and beliefs that don’t serve us. Giving the space to change your perspective is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When we connect with our true feelings, we become aware of the next logical step in our journey.

“Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for women to step into their work...because you are your business, and there is nobody to stand behind.” - Laura Shook-Guzman (5:24-5:36)

Are you Over- or Under-Owning Your Responsibility? Women often feel like they have to take on more than they can handle. We define ourselves by how much we’re giving to others. We even compare ourselves to what others are doing, making it even harder to balance ownership in our responsibilities.

Comparison robs us of the joy we could otherwise experience through our work and personal relationships. It causes us to over-own our responsibilities to others while under-owning our responsibilities to ourselves. We focus so much on giving our energy that it can be so hard to allow ourselves to receive energy. Learning to receive is an essential skill for surviving and thriving in today’s business arena. The better we are at receiving as well as giving, the more balance we create and the greater the shift in our businesses.

Women are changing the business arena. We’re transforming how things are done as we move into positions of leadership. We are showing the world what it looks like to lead from a place of confidence and balance and find long-term sustainable, success. Let’s keep moving forward!  

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