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Apr 8, 2019

“Many business owners are trying to do too much on social media. They are on every platform, and they are churning out content left and right, but they are not leveraging it properly.”

- Sonya Stattmann (3:03 - 3:16)

Sonya Stattmann & Guest Anna Kochetkova
Women in the Business Arena

Anna Kochetkova is a Social Media Strategist and Founder of Good Social Only. She helps women in established service businesses and not-for-profits utilize social media to power their mission and goals. She designs effective social media marketing and Facebook ad campaigns that leverage her clients’ communities and create social change. She is also a client of the Women in the Arena program.

Social media can be a tricky subject for many entrepreneurs.

It can help us run a business, but often entrepreneurs get lost when trying to implement it in a strategic way. Instead of doing good social, they end up running themselves into the ground and they produce no results from their efforts. Many entrepreneurs wonder which platform to focus on, if they should run paid ads, or how much content they should be creating each week. All of the details can feel paralyzing.

“I’m actually quite neutral when it comes to social media because I recognize that it is just a tool. I turn it on when I need it, I turn it off when I’m done, and that’s as far as it goes.”

- Anna Kochetkova (8:59 - 9:09)


The truth is, each business is unique, so each social media strategy should be tailored to fit that individuality. The answers will be different for every business and will depend on the desired goals. Also, the effectiveness of social media is hugely based on the stage your business is in.  


Some entrepreneurs need to focus more on the foundation of their business, instead of social media. They need to solidify their target market, know what problem they’re solving, and hone their messaging. Instead, they jump into social media without testing to see if their product is viable.


Social media will enhance a service will a solid business foundation, but it will not build the foundation.


The topic of social media often evokes strong emotion from people. They either love it, or they hate it. But social media is just a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used both positively and negatively. It is also a tool that is meant to be one part of a broader strategy, and not become the focal point of the business.


If used correctly, social media can be very beneficial to an entrepreneur. It is a platform to learn new skills, reach out and connect with a target audience, and build relationships. It is also an excellent market research tool to gain valuable, actionable feedback on products and services. The most critical thing to remember is that we use social media in a way that serves our business, without getting caught up in the negativity that exists on some of the platforms. Let the social media platform serve you, and don’t let it become something that starts controlling your actions and emotions.


What is the primary purpose of social media?


Some entrepreneurs think that the purpose of social media is to get the word out about their service or to make sales. While you’ll likely end up with more sales if you use social media correctly, that is not the primary purpose of using the platforms. Social media is best used to connect with people and to build relationships with them. Just like in real life, people on social media are more likely to do business with people that they know, like, and trust.


When you connect with someone on a social media platform, don’t pitch them on your service right away. Get to know people first. Begin by doing some research on the person you want to connect with, and by sending them a personalized message. If you can, mention something about them that you genuinely admire. Eventually, when the time is right for them, they might buy from you or refer you to somebody else. Social media is a powerful tool because you can reach people from all over the world from the comfort of your home, something unimaginable not that long ago.


What are the pieces that need to be in place for social media to have an impact?


While no set formula works for everyone, there is one thing that is important for social media to have an impact on your business. You need to have a solid business foundation in place. You need to have a product that solves a real problem for your target audience, a service that makes an impact on the people you’re trying to help. With an active community behind your service, you can use social media to enhance your business. Another common mistake is to use social media to talk about yourself, and how fantastic your service is. Keep the conversation focused on the people you’re serving, because your audience is always more interested in themselves and how you can solve their problems.


“I think social media was initially designed for people to be social, to connect and hang out with each other, and I still think that's what it is today.” - Anna Kochetkova (13:18 - 13:27)


Just like your business, you also need a strong personal foundation. Your life and business are interconnected, and you won’t really reach your highest potential unless you work on all aspects of yourself. And that is precisely where a great coach or a program like the Women in the Arena can be extremely valuable. They can evaluate your business structure and work with you to uncover personal issues that might be holding you back. With individual growth and business foundation in place, you’ll be better positioned to use tools like social media to explode your business and reach your real potential.


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