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Apr 29, 2019

“Divine timing is about surrendering to a certain current or energy that is unseen. It takes a lot of trust and communicating with those around us and giving ourselves permission to say, ‘I think something is off.’

  • Laura Shook-Guzman (28:44-29:04)

What does it mean to yield to divine timing?

There are those times in our business and our lives when things just work and flow and are easy. And then there are those times when things we really wanted to work just aren’t working. So what do we do?

Should we yield to divine timing and trust the things we can’t see? Or should we stick to our original plan and take more action to make it happen?

When things aren’t coming together, we need to honor that the disruption means something. It is a great time to stop and reassess. Perhaps we need to move more slowly until things come back together again, or it could be time to go in a different direction. These are options to explore when something isn’t moving fluidly.

It can be challenging to let go of the steering wheel and let serendipitous or divine timing take over, but there is a time to surrender and allow. When those moments arrive, surrender is the best thing we can do to be empowered and to move forward.

“We can change our minds. We can shift and change.. and if we can allow ourselves that space to shift and flow and be fluid, then that really allows us to grow in ways we couldn’t ever possibly imagine.”


  • Sonya Stattmann (10:12-10:32)


This is a mindset that requires some curiosity. Whenever we become more self-aware and mindful of what’s going on, we can pause and wonder if the reason things aren’t working is because there is something different waiting for us. We don’t know what may be right around the corner.  

If things aren’t working according to plan, there’s no reason you can’t make a new plan.

Sometimes when things aren’t working we need to step back and gain a wider perspective. If we take a moment to ask ourselves, “what is my intention,” not “how do I execute it,” we’re able to flow with what’s actually happening in that moment. We can make better decisions, instead of trying to force ourselves into a specific execution just because we thought that was the way it was “supposed to be.”

We can carry out our intention in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be the way we originally planned, and often the new ways are better.

“Professionalism doesn’t have to be that you show up perfect… exactly as you discussed six months ago with all the plans intact. That’s the old way of doing business. There is value in that. But what if professionalism is also based on a person’s ability to show up authentically, to show up with vulnerability and transparency about what’s happening?”


  • Laura Shook-Guzman (20:28-20:56)


When we’ve stayed in our integrity, communicated with those involved, tried to rearrange or create new agreements, we’ve done everything we can. We don’t owe someone an old promise that no longer fits what we want or who we are. It’s not good for them or for us to push things that no longer make sense and no longer feel right.

Let yourself explore the call of divine timing, be curious about what mysteries may unfold, and give yourself permission to follow it. It’s okay if it feels a little bit awkward at first because everything worth learning to do takes a little bit of practice.

There’s so much grace when we allow ourselves to follow divine timing.

We have permission, no matter what situation we’re in, to follow what feels right. - Sonya Stattmann

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