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Jul 29, 2019

“We are going to make far more change by who we are being, not by what we are doing.”

Sonya Stattmann & Laura Shook-Guzman
Women in the Business Arena

The greatest superpower you were born with.

Did you know that being a woman in the business arena is actually a superpower?

The feminine energy is a highly creative force with rich value. However, many women have been indoctrinated into thinking otherwise. We often go against our nature and function in a masculine way to attempt to fit into a predominantly masculine world. The result is catastrophic. 

Embracing your divine, mature feminine energy will unleash your real superpowers.  

“A lot of women are burning themselves out by trying to operate their business in a way that isn’t aligning with who they are.”

 - Sonya Stattmann (6:16 - 6:23)

Most women are naturally more inclined to the feminine. When we stop attempting to operate solely in the masculine part of ourselves, we have far more success and freedom in our businesses and in our lives. 

There are key differences between the masculine and the feminine. 

The nouns of gender classifications can be triggering. With this in mind, we will be referring to the masculine and feminine as energies, not sexual identities. The masculine is ego-driven with a mindset of doing. It’s packed full - active like the light. The feminine, on the other hand, is rooted in intuition with a mindset of being. It’s void - ready to birth magnificence like the darkness. Every human is born with both energies and for good reason.

It’s crucial to maintain a balance, but that balance looks different for each person. 

When we focus too heavily on the masculine, we run the risk of doing at the cost of being. In other words, we will run a great risk of finding ourselves on the edge of burnout or even failure! We know the world is so fixated on hyper-productivity, outward accomplishments and achievements. However, life isn’t about getting things done. You will make FAR more change by who you’re being, not by what you’re doing. A life in congruence with who you truly are as a woman will drive the impact and influence you were meant to achieve.

Your decision to embrace the divine, mature feminine will change everything.

As you shed the external influences that keep you stuck in the masculine, you can dive deep into the beauty of the feminine energy that resides in all of us. The feminine is located deep below the surface of the self. It holds wisdom, accessible through stillness and introspection. The tricky part is allowing yourself to dive in without the direction of the masculine or an agenda. No time restrictions. No structure. Just you exploring whatever is coming up in journaling, meditating, and being.

“Huge shifts can happen if you give yourself space to be without an agenda.” - Laura Shook-Guzman (25:56 - 26:06)

Once you dive into the internal spaces of the divine, mature feminine you will reach a deep spiritual connection with everything. 

Are you willing to get quiet and listen?

In order to access your innate wisdom, you have to reframe your thinking and stop doing.

This week set aside some time to just be. Go to your local coffee shop and do nothing for two hours. Take a week (yes, a week!) off from work. Breathe. It will probably feel foreign and slightly uncomfortable at first. However, that space will initiate huge shifts in personal transformation. We’d love to hear any visions or epiphanies that surface!  

Be courageous. Be feminine. Be you. 

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