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Apr 2, 2018

Welcome to episode 50 of the “Women in the Business Arena Podcast,” formerly known as, “The Liberation Lab.” We’re really excited to take a step into expanding the podcast and integrating it into the business even more. One of the reasons for this new approach to the show is to bring everything under one roof. We talk a lot about:


“Streamlining your business, so that you can really focus on ONE thing.”


This is really bringing everything together. Simplicity is key - our flagship coaching program “Women in the Arena” ties right in with our topics and conversations on the podcast, so we decided to simplify and integrate as much as possible to save time and energy AND make a larger impact.


“We are all about simplifying.”


In today’s episode, we’ll be diving into the ideas of simplifying by using some real world examples of how we’re structuring our businesses as well as some deep conversation with some actionable takeaways for you, our valued listener!


“When you enter the arena, you need the skills, the tools, and the preparation to succeed.”


Let’s face it, the Business Arena is NOISY. There are so many people telling us how to think, act, and be that it’s hard to distinguish what is truth and what is just noise. We have to be clear on what we want and seek out the truth that will lead us to success, not only in the business arena, but in our lives, relationships, and for our future self.


“You need to be armed with the truth before you can walk into the arena and succeed.”


It’s important to take a step back and evaluate what we really want. Do you want to make a million dollars? Do you want to make $10k per month, so that you can support your lifestyle and be home with your family every night? With more power (aka money) comes more responsibility. We need to be clear on what we want before we can achieve true success - which is different for everyone.


Some topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction: Why we’re changing the name of the Podcast - 1:30
  • The Background of “Women in the Business Arena” - 6:02
  • How to change your “Arena” - 10:42
  • Essential skills to Navigating the Arena Effectively - 13:02
  • The Illusion of Owning your own Business - 19:15
  • Strength in the Struggle - 22:01
  • Have you been Humbled by Your Business? - 23:15
  • Creating a Business that works FOR YOU - 28:20
  • What Liberation is all about - 34:30


How to get involved


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