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Apr 8, 2018

Welcome to episode 51 of the “Women in the Business Arena Podcast,” formerly known as, “The Liberation Lab.” In this episode we’re diving deep into “Imposter Syndrome” to explain what it is, how it can affect your life and business as well as your momentum and time.


“Where there is more vulnerability, there is a deeper sense of imposter syndrome”


Imposter Syndrome happens to everyone at some point in the journey. Essentially, imposter syndrome is the feeling that you’re an “imposter” in your area of expertise and that you’re actually a fraud. Especially for those women (and men) that are putting themselves out there, or maybe have a platform where they are out in front of a lot of people. Why do we find ourselves doubting our own expertise and confidence?


“Imposter Syndrome Happens to EVERYONE”


It really comes down to a matter of value and self-worth. The root of Imposter Syndrome goes much deeper than just a blanket term - we have to “check in” with ourselves on a regular basis to see what feelings are generating these thoughts and how to navigate them in the moment.


“Self-Doubt Sabotages a Woman’s Success”


If you ‘ve struggled with feeling inadequate in your life or business, there’s a really good chance that Imposter Syndrome has taken root in some way. The good news is, you CAN beat it and we show you how in this episode.

Some topics we talk about in this episode:


  • What is Imposter Syndrome?- 1:30
  • What are the signs?- 3:05
  • It Happens for Everyone - 9:15
  • Effects on Women vs. Men - 10:57
  • The First Step to Navigating Imposter Syndrome is Awareness - 19:20
  • The Lie of Comparison - 22:01
  • The Value in Simple - 29:10
  • Am I Aligned with Who I Really Am? - 33:05
  • The Different Pieces of our Feelings - 37:50


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