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Apr 16, 2018

“Many of us don’t really lose the WHY, but we lose the connection to it”


When you’re running a business, it’s really easy to get lost in the details, the implementation, and day to day operations. Sometimes, we forget the WHY - Why we’re doing this in the first place, and what we really want to contribute to with the bigger picture in mind. Whether you’re a big picture person, or someone that thrives in the day to day details, you’ll find a ton of value in this episode.


“Why is it so common for us to let our WHY drift away?”


We know all too well what can happen when you let your “why” drift away. Things don’t come as naturally, and you feel the constant struggle of the day to day “hustle” that we can all so easily fall prey to. When you’re in perfect alignment with your why - you can feel the momentum begin to shift. The things you’ve been struggling to do simply seem easier and lighter. You begin to see success in the things you’re naturally gifted in and fight off feelings of burnout and self-doubt.


“When you lose connection to your why, you need to create space for yourself to get back in alignment”


Like a piece of thread, your why ties everything together. Without it, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to sustain momentum or feel like you’ve achieved any amount of success. Sometimes, it takes a conscious effort to create the space necessary to reconnect. It looks different for everyone - maybe it’s a hike at the nature center, or maybe it’s as simple as enjoying a coffee at your favorite cafe. Find out what that space is for you and learn to schedule time with yourself to reconnect to your purpose or “why”.


“Your Why has to be for more than just yourself”


As women, we naturally want to lift others up and often times deprive ourselves of the care and time that makes us most successful. In the primarily “masculine” world of business it’s especially easy to lose sight of what makes us so special. The fact that we’ve been gifted specific talents and abilities is truly an amazing thing - it’s our job to embrace it and harness the power that we have as women to make positive change and affect the people around us, both in the business arena and our lives.


“One of the ways that we contribute to the world is simply being”


“Be the Change that You want to see in the world”


“Our why doesn’t have to be associated with struggle”


Some topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:20
  • Losing the Connection to your WHY - 2:30
  • What does finding your WHY really mean? - 5:10
  • Do we really give ourselves permission to enjoy and pursue our WHY? - 10:32
  • Exercise for integrating your WHY into your Business - 11:13
  • How is your WHY going to change the World? - 14:20
  • The world need more women with Financial Power - 18:56
  • The Importance of always being Aligned with your Why - 22:55
  • The Thread of your WHY and how it ties everything together - 24:45
  • Am I Prioritizing my activities around my WHY? - 27:45
  • Giving your Why the Space that it Needs - 31:05
  • Selfishness vs Unselfishness - 35:40
  • Embracing your natural gifts - 38:50
  • Wrap up - 42:30


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