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Apr 23, 2018

“Our emotions are our superpower”

There’s a common misconception that emotions should stay out of the business arena. As women, emotions are one of our most powerful tools, especially when they help us communicate truth, not only to those we love but also in the business arena.


“Our emotions actually connect us. They connect us to ourselves, they connect us to the earth, they connect us to each other. They connect us to something much much bigger than ourselves.”


In this episode, we dive deep into emotions and how to use them effectively in the business arena. When the world is dominated by masculine ideas and beliefs that emotions are wrong or inherently bad, how do we learn to embrace our emotions to really express the best of who we are?


“If women aren’t learning to come back into their emotional being, then they are not stepping fully into the space of business that we could all inhabit more authentically.”


Just like any other force or energy that moves through something, emotions need to be felt, honoured and released. Suppressing our emotions has a long-term impact, reduces our ability to lead and stops us from living authentically.


“We’re so busy trying to push back and contain emotion that we are cutting ourselves off from our fullest expression and experiences of ourselves.”


When we harness the power of emotion and utilize it correctly it can fuel our success, grow our businesses, and bring about a greater impact than we ever imagined. So many women are in business to make a difference, yet they are cutting off their power and impact by suppressing their emotions. We have to learn to get better at navigating and utilising our emotions for greater influence, reach and impact.


“When we deny our emotions in business, we are lessening our impact”


Some topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:50
  • Different Perceptions of Emotions in Business - 3:15
  • The Disorientation of Emotions in the Business Arena - 9:18
  • The Myth of “Emotional Intelligence” - 12:05
  • Learning to Appreciate your Emotions - 18:30
  • The Risk of Becoming Emotionally Reactive - 24:02
  • Internal vs External Emotion - 26:25
  • The Shaming of Emotions in the Business Arena - 29:03
  • Using Emotions in Business - 36:58
  • Managing Emotions to Support Work/Life Balance - 40:10


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