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May 14, 2018

“Women don’t recognize how valuable what they bring to the table actually is”

In today’s episode, we decided to tackle a topic that we’ve mentioned in a lot of other threads. It’s such an important topic in the conversation of modern business, and we believe that this episode will truly help women step into their true value and full potential.

“I Am Valuable”

With women, in particular, value is at the core of most challenges in business. From pricing to leadership to setting boundaries to how we communicate through our marketing, everything boils down to whether or not we truly value ourselves. In my experience, women consistently undervalue themselves, their gifts and what they bring to the table.  

“Stop Personalizing What is Systemically Broken”

This is a personal issue and systemic issue. Systemically, we are constantly told that the qualities we possess as women are less valuable than those possessed by men. This is reflected in how we are compensated, treated, and valued by those around us. It isn’t just in the corporate world. It can show up with our family members, clients and community. This is a systemic problem, but the first step is valuing ourselves. This was the core topic in my TEDx talk, Moving Beyond #Empowerment.

“Every moment that you are not valuing yourself, you are trapping yourself. You are compensating for this lack of value, and allowing all of these ideas in the world tell you what you’re worth. That is a trap, and what you’re losing is freedom.”

In this episode, you’ll find some amazing insights and tips that will help you take back your freedom and recognise how valuable you are just by breathing.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 1:15
  • Examples of Issues with Value - 2:45
  • Reframing our Value - 9:30
  • What is it Costing Us to Not Value Ourselves? - 14:45
  • Intention vs Practice when Running a Business - 18:05
  • Some Reference Points for Recognising your Value- 23:35
  • The Wisdom of Awareness - 27:15
  • The Power of Your Own Body - 28:58
  • Find Your Community - 33:10

Books mentioned in this episode - The Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittenden

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