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May 21, 2018

“Women have a really special connection to timing”


Today’s episode is all about timing. Is there a “right time” for things in business? Does sequence matter? As women, we often talk about things cyclically, and follow our rhythms. Do women have the sense of right timing? Are we following it? Is it possible that this timing and rhythm may actually be a benefit for women in business?


“Women have power, and that power is intuition. Part of that power is us being to able to feel timing and follow our rhythms”


As women, our lives are built off of cycles. Some say that our intuition comes from the different phases of the moon, and others believe that women have a special “sensing” that men don’t possess. Either way, this can be a massive benefit to women in business. If we find our rhythm and tap into the natural state of who we are intuitively, it actually gives us a competitive edge. From interacting with prospects, to helping clients in a deep and real way, Sonya and Laura tell their own stories of how they use timing to their advantage.


“We’ve gotten disconnected from our sacred cycles”


If you feel like you’re out of sequence in your business, or you’re having a hard time finding your rhythm, you may want to get back to basics and create an environment to let time unfold. In our society, we’re constantly pushing ourselves and obsessing over time. If we can learn to create the space we need to let time unfold and lean into our natural rhythm, we can all find our optimal timing to create the success that we desire.


“Are you being ruled by your intuition, or by your logic?”


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:05
  • The Science of Timing - 6:25
  • Allowing Yourself to Connect to Your Rhythm - 9:10
  • Using Timing as an Excuse - 10:40
  • The Practice of Intuition - 15:58
  • The Trusting of Time 18:15
  • 2 Reasons Why Women are Out of Sequence - 24:08
  • Are We Pushing Ourselves Too Hard? - 28:30
  • Create Space for Time to Unfold - 31:50
  • Finding Your Optimal Timing - 34:15
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 36:05

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