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Jun 4, 2018

“Being in business is about being with people”


In today’s episode, Sonya and Laura shed light on what it means to find the “right” people to work with in your business. Whether you are hiring staff, finding contractors, or looking for new clients, you need to be able to discern when someone is a good fit or a bad fit for your business. Ignoring the early warning signs causes more trouble than just saying “no” in the first place. We have to learn to listen to our gut when something feels off.


“If you recognize that something is misaligned, just remember that it’s not a bad thing to let that person go”


As women, it can be difficult to let people go. We tend to pride ourselves on being able to help everyone by saying “yes” to every person that comes our way. Once we are wrapped up by this way of living, it’s much harder to be the best version of ourselves and fulfill our potential. Prevention is the key to being able to discern our relationships before they hurt us and our business.


“The only power we have with others is to create agreement”


When looking for the ideal person to work with, it’s easy to operate out of scarcity. This causes us to work with people we don’t fully align with, and it will eventually drain us and run our business into the ground.


Clear Agreements and contracts can be a great way to keep yourself (and others) accountable. Often times, we end up selling ourselves short to hide the guilt that we feel for getting into a bad situation. If we can learn to discern these types of situations before we get into them, we can create the business that we actually want to run and help people in the best way possible. It starts with us.


“The first thing we always have to start with is ourselves”


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:05
  • Being Clear About Good Fit vs. Bad Fit - 5:00
  • Feeling Bad About Letting People Go - 6:40
  • Respecting Yourself and Others - 9:58
  • Over-Delivering and Over-Promising - 15:46
  • “Conscious Uncoupling” - 21:02
  • The Trap of Feeling like a Failure - 23:35
  • Creating Good Relationships in Our Business - 28:00
  • The Importance of Prevention - 36:45
  • How to Get Out of a Bad Business Relationship - 41:23
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Change an Agreement - 47:18
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 50:22

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