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Jul 9, 2018

“How much can we hold? Can we really keep holding more and more until we pop?”


In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura are digging deep to uncover a topic that isn’t widely talked about, especially in business. How much capacity do we really have to serve our clients and the people we love? How much capacity do we have to hold our own emotions, worries, stresses and those of others? Do we only have a finite amount of space? What are the indicators that we have reached our capacity, and how do we keep running our businesses when we are full?


These are just a few questions that they answer as they share from their own experiences what has happened when they have ignored their capacity and just continued to work harder, be more, hold more.


“We are trying to go beyond capacities that just aren’t realistic”


One of the most important keys to success is for us to be more aware of our limits so we can be clear about what we have the capacity for and what we don’t have the capacity for. The challenge is that business is designed from a masculine viewpoint and what is honoured is working harder, getting the job done and railroading over your personal “weaknesses” to do whatever is necessary.


For women (and men), this does not work. It creates the opposite of what we want in our lives and business. It costs us with burnout, unhappiness, illness and time away from the things we really love.


“We don’t realize how much we push ourselves past our own capacity in order to serve others”


When we get honest about where we really are and start to understand the effects that going beyond our capacity has on us, we can begin to operate from a place of transparency and honesty. If we want to operate at our highest level, we must understand our limits and realise that by honouring them we have so much more ability to impact the world.


“What is your honest capacity at the moment?”


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:56
  • Realizing We Have a Finite Capacity - 3:44
  • What is Our Capacity? - 7:10
  • Breaking Down Our Ego - 14:21
  • The Masculine vs. The Feminine Side of Capacity - 17:30
  • Honouring Where You’re Actually At - 22:22
  • Transforming Your Core Identities - 27:32
  • Becoming Aware of Your Own Capacity - 31:25
  • Being Transparent with Your Clients and Others - 35:04
  • Setting Boundaries and Being Honest with Yourself - 41:55
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 47:28

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