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Jul 23, 2018

“A lot of women label themselves as procrastinators, but is it really procrastination?”

In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura chat about a topic that has been coming up frequently in the Women in the Business Arena Facebook Group. The conversation centers around what procrastination really is and why many women perceive themselves as procrastinators when really there is something else going on that they need to pay attention to. Sonya discusses how the term “procrastination” is a blanket label that we can tend to give when we don’t accomplish what we think we “should”.

“Sometimes, our intuition is telling us to postpone something because it’s not quite right yet. Sometimes, we’re in a cyclical stage where we need to slow down, stop, rethink things, and pivot, or we just need self-care. All of those things can be lumped in with procrastination.”

Whether you struggle with perfectionism or just the cyclical nature of life and business, you’ve probably labelled your stand still as procrastination instead of looking deeper to see what it is telling you. We’re so used to hearing it thrown about in the business world as something that we all do. If we’re not hustling, or working on our businesses every moment of the day, we can label ourselves (or be labelled by others) as procrastinators. The problem is, we don’t ever stop to evaluate what our wise self is trying to say. What if we are moving in the wrong direction, and our procrastination is a sign to stop and go a different way? What if the right move is to slow down instead of speed up, but we railroad over it in an effort to stop our procrastination?


“Sometimes, procrastination is our need to percolate, and we need permission to do it”


Sonya and Laura redefine the nature of procrastination. Sometimes we actually need the space to process what is happening or contemplate big decisions that might need to be made. Taking some extra time for yourself to focus on what really matters, does not make you a procrastinator.


Honor your procrastination. Celebrate your procrastination. Give yourself permission to procrastinate.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:58
  • Is It Really Procrastination? - 4:05
  • Accepting the Cyclical Nature Within Yourself - 6:57
  • Being OK With Not Being “Available” - 9:15
  • Feeling the Guilt of Procrastination - 12:10
  • Diagnosing What’s Actually Happening - 18:50
  • Processing vs. Procrastination - 24:05
  • Going Against the Current - 31:25
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 36:30


A message from Sonya:


I have been honoured to be nominated for the Ausmumpreneur awards in the Making a Difference category. If you know me, you know that I am not into awards, but what I am into is making a difference for women across the globe.

What winning this award gives me... is a voice. We need more women in power and we need to spread the message that there is a way to operate more effectively as women in business. It is about self-care and honouring our emotions. It is about learning balance. It is about making profit and impact.

We don't have to compromise our values any more to succeed in business. Our success in business contributes to the whole world.

If you have ever loved one of my podcasts, my TEDx talk or any of my posts and are willing to show me a little love in return, please vote for me.

Here is the link:

I am under the Making a Difference category - Business (#125).

I would be so honoured and I would be able to continue my mission to reach more women.


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