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Aug 13, 2018

“The more integrated we are as a being, the more effective we will be and the more power we bring to our business.”

In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of self-integration and how it relates to our success in business. It is in the integration of the whole self that we can be empowered, find happiness and freedom. If you have been in self-development circles, you probably have encountered the concept of integration, but it is rarely talked about in the business arena.

“An unintegrated block or wound can be the key to why a business is not succeeding.”

Sonya and Laura break down what integration means so that it is less abstract and more practical. Integration is really about healing old wounds and living in more of our authentic self. It is the process we are working towards in self-development or any of our spiritual practices. It is the only path to empowerment.

“Business, parenthood, and relationships are the primary arenas for self-development. They bring up and trigger wounds so that we can identify unintegrated parts of self.”

In order to achieve real integration, we have to create space in our life and business and make room for healing and growth. There is a myth in business that in order to reach success, you must be continually moving forward. However, integration is not something to rush, and it does not occur in a linear fashion. It is really important that we honour our struggle as an opportunity for healing.

“Most people are stuck in their business because they are unintegrated, there are pieces of themselves they are unwilling to look at… if you don’t integrate you can keep spending your entire life walking around what needs to be integrated, but you’re going to keep hitting a glass ceiling.”

Integration is part of our humanity. We are designed to continue to become more and more aware of self, to find healing through this self-knowledge, and apply it to be more empowered in our lives, relationships, and business. We have the choice to deny integration. However, when we push those painful parts of self into a corner, they will continue to manifest themselves in the world around us. As we acknowledge unintegrated parts, accept them, and develop a knowing and understanding of those parts, we can find the freedom to move forward. It takes more energy to push those parts away than to come to the place of accepting them.

“Integration cannot happen from action. There is this idea that somehow we can ‘do’ integration. It is automatic when we are not in the way. We block it when we try to take action. If we really want to have power and empower women, it cannot be through ‘doing’… It happens from ‘being.’”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:54
  • Why is Integration Important in Business? - 2:12
  • What is Integration? - 4:02
  • How Do We Integrate - 9:15
  • What Does Integration Look Like? - 20:01
  • The Masculine and Feminine Components of Integration - 33:12
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 44:25

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