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Sep 3, 2018

“We can’t dissect our home life from our work life. They need to flow together. We need to look at the whole framework of our lives before we design our goals.”

In this episode of Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura discuss how to have a more wholistic mindset in business. So often, we place an expectation on ourselves to compartmentalize our work life from our home life. Then, we become frustrated when our obligations overlap, and we feel we fall short of business goals. The truth is, that it is not sustainable to streamline one aspect of our lives, at the cost of all others. This frame of mind will eventually lead to exhaustion, burnout, and all areas of our lives will be affected.

“Sometimes putting family first IS the next step to your business goal… By taking care of what you need to take care of in self or’re going to have so much more free attention, effort and impact in creating your business goals.”

The truth is, shifting into a more wholistic way of thinking about business and personal life will actually lead to more fulfilment of goals in all areas. At times, it is necessary to redefine what our goals are, as we integrate personal and work life. We possess a finite amount of attention in each day. Allowing ourselves permission to give our full attention to what is in front of us is less exhausting than being riddled with guilt about all of the things we “should” be doing to move our business forward. Focusing on the things that really matter to you will always become a stepping stone towards furthering your business goals.

“There is no one ‘right’ business model. It’s about simplifying. Women are spending too much time on things that don’t provide any impact for their business.”

Creating a more wholistic mindset in the business arena starts with shifting our own mindsets. The greatest distraction to the achievement of our goals comes when we compare our lives with those around us. Comparison will halt personal success. The pressure we place on ourselves to accomplish work goals will invade all areas of our life. It is our responsibility to alleviate that pressure, so we can be focused on the present moment, instead of stretched so thin that no area of our lives receives the benefit.

As you work to see your life in a more wholistic way, come up with a few “main things” that can become your focus and purpose for the week. Allow yourself to give your full attention to those main things. You may find that you are able to accomplish even more than you could have expected when you silence your inner critic, extend grace, and allow all parts of your life to integrate.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 1:12
  • Integrating Our Business and Home Life - 4:23
  • Realistic Goal Setting - 9:36
  • Shifting into the Wholistic Mindset - 13:12
  • Become More Aware of Your Own Dissection - 30:10
  • Our Unique Circumstances - 40:00
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 46:59

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