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Sep 17, 2018

“Money is neutral, but how we view it determines its power.”

This week on Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura discuss the topic of money, women and business. They had so much to talk about, this is part one of a two-part series. As women, we often struggle to talk about money. Too many women avoid looking at, working with it and getting intimate with their money matters. This really affects our ability to have a thriving business. Too many times, money holds an inordinate amount of power over us. This is because of how we view it. When we look at money neutrally, as a source of energy and a means of exchange, we can begin to relate to it in a more empowered manner.

“As women, we have been conditioned to provide so much free labor, both emotionally and physically. We have been conditioned to give it with no expectation to receive it equally or even more abundantly.”

Our perception of money often begins at a very young age. We model the money mindsets of parents and other influential individuals from our childhood. This can give confidence to attain wealth easily, or instill fear that drives a scarcity mentality. This mindset pattern is typically deeply ingrained, and can be difficult to shift. Without addressing those patterns directly, we will continue to be affected by them throughout our lives, even if it is at a subconscious level.

As women, we are typically accustomed to giving, without monetary gain. We give because we are “good moms” or “good friends” and see it as our role in our family or community. As we work to grow our businesses, we can end up sabotaging ourselves because of our mindset around money. The solution to this challenge is to reconcile our way of “being” with money.

“When we can feel money, when we can understand it, when we have a good relationship with it, then we can have good money goals and a realistic connection to what we can create.”

Too much of our aversion to money comes from comparing our own business to others’. The truth is, we rarely have the full context to measure the success of someone else’s business. A million dollar business could be paying out nearly all they are bringing in. As we redirect our focus, and reform our relationship with money, we can find healthy connection, and a new standard of measuring success.

If we can learn to see money as an energy source, and be connected to it in a healthy way, we will become more realistic in our goals, and carry authority. It’s time to shake off others’ definitions of money and success, and discover your own. The metrics of our business carry value. They offer us a roadmap to guide us in making good decisions for our business.

“Every single person has a different set of circumstances… Every time we try to chase after someone else’s goals we’re letting ourselves down.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:54
  • Definitions Around Money - 3:46
  • Shifting Relationship with Money - 8:30
  • Marking Success in Business - 17:50
  • Our Personal Relationship with Money - 26:36
  • The Need to Navigate Money with Partners/Relationships - 33:56
  • Where to Begin - 41:00
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 44:38

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