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Oct 15, 2018

“It's not a matter of trying to get it all done. It's actually a matter of streamlining and looking at the most important things to get done, and then being willing to let everything else go.”

This week on the Women in the Business Arena Podcast, Sonya and Laura discuss the topic of navigating the ebb and flow of productivity in our business and the best way to roll with it. Energy and productivity tend to follow a natural up and down pattern. However, there are things that affect our ability to sustain our energy and productivity and things that make the ebb and flow more intense or unmanageable.

One of the things that makes this ebb and flow more extreme than it has to be, is the discouragement, disappointment, and negative self-talk that happens when we hit a natural ebb in our business. When we beat ourselves up for being less productive, it makes it even harder to become productive again.  These feelings carry over in the following weeks, and become self-sabotaging. Finding success in the ebb and flow is not about finding a way to stop it, but rather, finding a way to navigate it successfully, and finding a healthy work rhythm that works for you and your business.

“We're going to have an ebb and a flow. There's not going to be consistent productivity, or the highest effectiveness in every moment of our business life. If we can accept that, and we can honor that, it makes the journey much easier. ”

While the ebb and flow is a natural part of business and life, there are strategies we can employ to minimize the intensity of those ebbs and flows. Perhaps the most important strategy is to maintain simplicity in your business model. Simplifying gives you the freedom to fully focus on your business. When there is less of a juggle, there is less opportunity for overwhelm, and more clarity to successfully prioritize the necessary tasks for business and personal life.

“We're only as successful as we are healthy.”

Even when you have been using preventative measures to help prevent the crash of an ebb, children get sick, or you get sick. There are uncontrollable variables that inevitably surface in life as a woman entrepreneur. How we handle this season of ebb will determine our success, and our ability to move back into flow. So much of the ebb happens when we are sick or we have low energy. Perhaps one of the most important things we can to do combat this is to accept self-care as part of our business strategy. As an entrepreneur, so much of business relies on our ability to show up and get the work done. To do this well, we need to take the time to recharge. As we gain energy, we will have more available to give.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:51
  • Maintaining Momentum and Prioritizing - 2:48
  • Reframing Productivity for Business - 8:21
  • Shifting Our Personal Mindset of Productivity - 11:37
  • Prevention and Successfully Navigating the Ebb and Flow - 18:43
  • Self-Care for the Sake of Your Business - 29:25
  • Strategies for the Ebb - 37:14
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 43:53

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