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Nov 19, 2018

The people who are truly authentic, the ones who've really done the work, they've worked on the congruence of themselves. They've done the internal work out of the limelight. You cannot do the work in the limelight. Period


This week on Women in the Business Arena, we are reclaiming the word “authenticity!” There are so many of us that are craving authenticity in our business and life. It seems the word authenticity has been commandeered by society and used for shows of excessive vulnerability, marketing ploys, or as a facade to cover over insecurities.  It is possible to be genuinely authentic in our lives and our businesses.


The people that I find who are sharing their integration as it's happening, they're actually stopping themselves from having the full integration...the second that you put a selfie on it, the second that you turn it around and do it for someone else, you're stopping the process of your own integration.


In order to have the freedom to be authentic with others, we are responsible to first do the work in the privacy of our homes, therapist’s office, or with trusted friends and mentors. When we try to find integration in the limelight, posting about it before we have processed it internally, we lose our authenticity. When we achieve integration of that part of ourselves, our authenticity will flow naturally, and others will be drawn to it.


“The more work you do internally, and the more ready you are internally in your business, because you have the right structures, and skills…  the more ready you are, the more authentic you are naturally. You don't have to try to be authentic. You are authentic.


Authenticity is not something that we have to strive to achieve. When we take the time to discover and take ownership of the parts of ourselves, allowing integration to give way to a confidence, authenticity will naturally flow from us. When we know who we are, and we're doing it with good intention, then it's totally from a powerful place. And then promotion, marketing and sales are authentic.


“Whether you like the word authentic, don't like the work authentic, it doesn't really matter. What we're looking for is for you to be congruent with yourself, for you to know who you are, for you to stand for who you are. Stop compromising for the world, for other people, for your marketing, for your promotion, just stop compromising yourself altogether.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:56
  • When Authenticity Became Inauthentic - 3:25
  • Authenticity as a Marketing Ploy - 5:00
  • Congruence Before Authenticity - 8:29
  • The Mature Divine Feminine - 15:08
  • Why It’s NOT About Faking It Til You Make It - 18:48
  • Being Aligned With Your Product or Service - 25:28
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 35:39


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