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Nov 26, 2018

You've got to start to look at what it is that will make this holiday season feel really good for your business, and for yourself, and for your family.


This week on Women in the Business Arena, we’re discussing how to successfully navigate the holidays in our business. The holidays are known for times of rest, and relaxation, time with family, and preparation for the new year. How do we enjoy the rest that comes along with the holiday season, without losing the momentum we’ve worked so hard to establish?


“It's about getting creative and it's about determining what you really want. I think the most important thing is that you keep your momentum up. Because what I see happening around this time period is people start really losing momentum...By the time you get your momentum back up, it's March… that's three months of not enough income, not enough sales.


Many people limit the success of their business during this season with self-limiting beliefs including the misnomers that everyone checks out for the holidays, no one will want to purchase new services, and that all service sales inevitably slow at this time of year. The truth is, even during the holidays, your business will be as successful as you believe it can be. What is your intention and mindset around taking an intentional pause around the holidays? What are the self-limiting beliefs that are dictating your business choices?


“We sabotage our energy because we overcommit. We try to get too much done. We try to finish everything we had on our to-do list for 2018 to prove to ourselves that we can do it. And then we are quite exhausted going into the New Year. And that's not what this time is about. It's about being able to finish off strong, have an amazing renewal, recovery, relaxation time period, and then jump back in January, refreshed.”


As we approach the holidays, there are some vital questions to ask yourself, in order to find your balance of momentum and rest. What do you want your holidays to feel like? Set the intention now. What are some low-hanging fruits or ways for you to generate some sales efficiently right now? Finally, what is your plan for January? Now is the time to make a plan. Don’t wait until the New Year sneaks up on you to implement at least a loose framework. It is so possible to have a restful, rejuvenating break, while still leaning into the momentum you’ve worked so hard to gain!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:57
  • Setting Intention with Your Business During the Holidays - 2:44
  • Creative Ways to Boost Revenue Around the Holidays - 8:36
  • The Importance of Maintaining Momentum - 13:24
  • Prioritize and Minimize Your Project List - 17:06
  • The Value of Repurposing Your Content - 23:31
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 31:22

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