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Sep 24, 2018

“If you are uncomfortable with money, this relationship with money is going to affect your business.”

This week in Part Two of Money, Women, and Business, Sonya and Laura discuss some more practical aspects on the topic of money and business. Many women shy away from the numbers and metrics in their business. However, success in our business is dependent on our ability to see and understand our numbers as a roadmap. We can use money and numbers to give us a picture of where we are, our potential and the capacity we have to create impact and freedom. A lot of women don’t like to have much attention on money because of negative associations with greed. They are in business to help others, not “make money”, but this attitude hurts their business. What we put attention on matters in our business.

“When I have no attention on my metrics and numbers my business slumps. When I place attention on my metrics and numbers my business grows. Our attention sustains reality.”

An important aspect of money in business is assessing our personal goals and values around money. Many times, our goals around money aren’t sustainable and actually aren’t tied to reality or our personal values. It is possible for women to create a successful business without sacrificing personal alignment and balance. Your goals and values will be unique to your particular set of circumstances. It is important to find success in your business while staying aligned with those values.

“Most women I know aren’t motivated by money… What I’m motivated by is my impact. We have to tie our impact into our money goal.”

As we develop a more neutral mindset around money, we can look realistically at some of the metrics and numbers in our business. It is important to find safe environments to discuss money and individuals who won’t respond with their own triggers. Whether it is a coach, a therapist, a women’s group, or even the Women in the Business Arena Facebook group, aligning yourself with other women who are becoming more comfortable speaking about money will help you develop a healthier mindset, and achieve your goals.   

“We have given money so much power over our sense of worth. We have to change that.”  

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:56
  • Getting Comfortable with Money - 3:25
  • Assessing Your Values Around Money - 11:12
  • Creating Goals Around Money - 19:12  
  • How Do We Tie Our Values into Our Money Goals? - 28:12
  • Finding a Safe Place to Discuss Money - 34:57
  • What are Some of the Important Numbers in Our Businesses? - 40:36
  • Looking at Debt and Our Business - 46:12
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 46:43

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