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Dec 10, 2018

“When people don’t have a trust and certainty in themselves, the fear around uncertainty is that they don’t believe they can do it. Even in the midst of uncertainty in life, we can develop a trust and certainty in ourselves.”


This week on The Women in the Business Arena Podcast, we’re getting certain about uncertainty. As solopreneurs, we are in the business of uncertainty. While there is a certain level of uncertainty for all humans, running a business tends to come with a greater level of the unknown. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs typically carry a greater capacity to handle risk. Some of us have learned to thrive because of uncertainties we experience in formative years, others may go into survival mode when facing the unknown. Whatever the experience with uncertainty has been, our perception of uncertainty is key to moving through it and continuing to find an inner source of stability, regardless of the situations we face in business and life.


“It’s only through the uncertainty, facing it, moving through it, embracing it, that we actually become more confident, and take bigger leaps that lead to greater freedom.”


One of the keys to facing uncertainty in our business is doing the work to become more certain in self. While facing risk can feel so uncomfortable, when we go into the unknown and come out the other side, we emerge more self-confident. Each experience with healthy risk will leave us more capable of facing the next. Another key to facing uncertainty is surrounding yourself with supportive individuals. Uncertainty becomes dangerous when we face it entirely alone.


“Healthy surrender means letting go of control, but not responsibility”


A major component of thriving in the face of uncertainty is learning to have the courage to surrender. There are times when the solution isn’t clear, and we have to give ourselves the space to figure it out. When you are certain in self, you may not be sure of the outcome, but you can trust that you are aligned with what you want, and things will unfold in a way that is congruent with your passions.


“Comfort, certainty, is based on myself. I can be certain about how I feel, and where I am. As long as I’m certain within myself, everything works out…  If I’m feeling unclear, the first step is to get clear. When I’m clear, when I’m certain, I’m able to create more. I’m able to know my direction. I’m able to take the steps that will produce results.”


We will always face a level of uncertainty. However, as an entrepreneur, that can be part of the allure. We were made to strategize, problem solve and take healthy risks. Listen in to learn more about how you can be certain in self, and equip yourself to navigate uncertainty and allow it to be a motivator to drive your business forward.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:04
  • Being Aware of Your Comfort Level with Uncertainty - 5:12
  • Why Do We Avoid DIscomfort? - 9:52
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Ways to Face Uncertainty - 16:05
  • Certainty in Self is the Only Dependable Source of Certainty - 19:52
  • Surrender and Certainty - 24:32
  • Where to Start Finding Certainty in Self - 32:30
  • The Gifts of Uncertainty - 38:57
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 44:12


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