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Dec 17, 2018

“Often times we have big visions for the New Year… that allows us to focus and move forward. But I also think that sometimes we’re not very realistic. It can cause us to not be focused enough. It also can allow for disappointment and discouragement when we’re not moving fast enough.”


This week on the Women in the Business Arena Podcast, we’re discussing goal setting. As the new year approaches, this is often a time of excitement and dreams as we take a look at goals for the next year. So often, we can make big plans in December, only to find ourselves disappointed and discouraged in February when we have a lack of progress, or our plans have been derailed. In order for goal setting to be manageable, it must allow us to see progress, but it also needs to extend kindness towards self. If we aren’t intentional in how we set our goals, we can sabotage ourselves before the year even begins.


“If we gave ourselves a little bit more leeway to flow with things as they come, we would actually be able to progress much faster towards our goals. When we have a really strict timeline, and then we fail, we beat ourselves up, and we go through remorse, and feeling like a failure. All of that sabotages our energy, and takes us so much more time to get back on track again.”


Many times we can place a timeline on our big goals. These are the long-term goals that are at the center of our passion, the driving force of what we want to experience and feel in our lives. In realistic goal setting, it is important to take the timelines off of these goals. Instead of jumping to the fulfillment of the big picture, look at the next step. What is the next stepping stone towards that destination? These smaller steps can form our goals for the next year.

We also explore the difference between growth goals and stabilizing goals, and the importance of each. Many people shy away from stabilizing goals. They are less sexy, but they are the key to creating sustainable and long-lasting growth and success.


“If we can start to honor our selves and honor our journey and give more space to our goals, then we’re going to be able to create a lot more of what we actually want.”


It’s time to start dreaming for next year. Find a space conducive to planning and creating, and invest the time to feel your long-term vision. After creating your goals, take another look. Are the goals realistic? If not, adjust them. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t self-sabotage by creating unrealistic timelines that will lead to disappointment and discouragement. Remember that your big goals don’t even need a timeline. If it is something you truly want to accomplish, you will make it happen. Finally, allow yourself to shift and move throughout the year.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:04
  • Finding the Balance Between Big Vision and Realistic Goals - 2:54
  • Checking In and Reassessing Our Goals - 8:38
  • Strategies and Tips for Goal Setting - 12:54
  • Finding Support in Goal Setting 22:12
  • The Importance of Stabilizing Goals - 27:40
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 36:34


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