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Dec 24, 2018

“Our ability to manage our self-doubt is what determines our ability to succeed.” - Sonya


This week on Women in the Business Arena, we’re getting real about self-doubt. Self-Doubt is the number one saboteur in our business. It is a pervasive influence that has shown up in the life of every single woman we’ve ever met. At times, the intensity of our self-doubt can match the intensity of our creativity, fire, excitement, and passion that led us to start a business in the first place. So, if self-doubt is universal, how do we navigate it successfully?


“What we resist persists.” - Laura


As with most feelings that we feel are “negative,” we can falsely assume that if we ignore self-doubt, it will go away. However, the full spectrum of human emotions is actually necessary for us to experience full and successful business and lives, even self-doubt.  


Perhaps the most important step to overcoming self-doubt is to practice separating yourself from your fears. When we align our identity with our blocks, we are in danger of going down a shame spiral and sabotaging our success. You are not the sum total of your fears. Separate yourself from your challenges to gain a more accurate perspective of the blocks you are facing. This act can help to foster self-compassion, kindness, and a deeper understanding of self. When we develop this perspective, we have the ability to continue progressing.


“When you start to feel doubt, remember that you’ve done so many things and that you’ve been resilient… It’s acknowledging that self-doubt is real... but know that there are tools, it doesn’t have to sabotage you… it can exist in your experience, but it doesn’t have to be the one that overshadows everything else.” Laura


Self-doubt can manifest itself in many ways. Perhaps you tend to go into action mode and overexert your energy. Or maybe you freeze, seek out step-by-step instructions from trusted individuals, avoid the situation altogether, or become distracted. We can even justify some of these behaviors to ourselves and others. These patterns have been developed over the span of our lives to protect us. They were needed at some point in our lives, but are no longer serving us in a healthy manner. When we begin recognizing the patterns that manifest from our self-doubt, we can take charge, and begin conquering self-doubt.


In some shape or form, self-doubt will never fully go away, and that’s ok. It is possible to thrive and build a successful life while navigating self-doubt. Listen in to learn strategies to handle self-doubt, and to grow more confident in yourself through the process.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:58
  • Self-Doubt is Universal - 4:32
  • What is Self-Doubt and Where Does it Show Up - 10:14
  • How Does Self-Doubt Influence Your Business? - 20:51
  • Becoming More Aware of Your Self-Doubt Patterns - 25:42
  • Flipping the Script, Using Positivity and Mindfulness to Fight Self-Doubt - 31:39
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 39:20

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