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Jan 7, 2019

“True thought leaders, their intention was never to be a thought leader… Their intention was to serve. Their intention was to spread a message. Their intention was to change the world.” - Sonya  


This week on the Women in the Business Arena Podcast, we’re discussing the label “Thought Leader” that seems to be popping up everywhere in entrepreneur circles. Everyone wants to be a thought leader, however, there are so many conceptions about what this actually means. Thought leadership is a title that is earned through the ups and downs of business experience.


“Thought leadership is developed over years and years of practice, of experience, of not just you got some wisdom that happened to come to you. It’s practiced, it’s experiential. You’ve tested it. You’ve validated it. Thought leadership is done over the hard yards.”


We all have something to contribute. You are an entrepreneur because you have incredible ideas to contribute to the lives of others. However, we have gotten ahead of ourselves and diluted the idea of thought leadership by trying to self-proclaim the title. If you have placed “thought leader” at the top of your business profile, it may be time to ask yourself what you are needing from that title. When we get out of sequence, trying to grab the attention, respect, or recognition of others, rarely is it as fulfilling as we desire.


“It’s a disservice to self to shortcut into a badge of honor that we haven’t yet earned” - Laura


The best way to become a thought leader is to stop focusing on becoming a thought leader. The individuals who have made the biggest impact in their spheres of influence have done so out of a desire to make a true change in the world. When your intentions are pure, your focus is to serve others, and you remain consistent through years of experience, you will have the opportunity to emerge as a thought leader. Life experience creates the depth and wisdom necessary to be a thought leader. Don’t shortchange yourself, or your clients, by trying to rush into quick success. Listen in to the episode to learn more!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:54
  • You Have to Earn the Title of “Thought Leader” - 4:34
  • Shortcutting Doesn’t Create the Life You Want - 13:46
  • The Mindset of a True Thought Leader - 15:22
  • Underlying Myths of Thought Leadership - 22:47
  • Change Your Mindset - 27:13
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 30:25

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