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Feb 4, 2019

“If you are considering a nomadic life, be really clear about your intention. What do you want to experience? This will determine and dictate your actions.” - Sonya


One of the most beneficial aspects of being an entrepreneur is the ability to work from nearly anywhere. Some entrepreneurs are taking this freedom to new levels with nomadic living. Sonya Stattman and her family have packed their belongings and embarked on a long-term journey to experience different cultures and countries, while still running a business. The thought of traveling to exotic locations and experiencing new culture each day can be alluring, but often people forget that life is still going to be life. The day-to-day challenges of business are present and even exacerbated when living a nomadic life. However, with proper planning, it is possible to have a thriving business, while on the adventure of a lifetime.


“You won't fully experience a new environment unless you’re willing to shed old systems and ways of doing, and get curious about why things are done differently.” - Laura


There are both benefits and challenges that accompany a nomadic way of living. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that it really stirs things up for your family. Not knowing can be such a beautiful and bonding experience. It requires a willingness for spontaneity and flexibility, and you are constantly surrounded by new opportunities to experience culture.


Nomadic living has its definite challenges and setbacks. Letting go of the idea of “going home” can be unsettling. When you live this lifestyle, you are traveling from place to place, without a home to return to. When living a life of travel, being strategic in planning makes a world of difference. It is so important to nail down the details of your trip, the essential items to be packed, and even strategic locations that will provide the tools necessary to continue building your business. It can be challenging to have the capacity and energy to focus on your business while traveling. Making sure you have all of the details in place to help you is key.


Before considering this lifestyle, it is crucial to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. So often we can look to a major life change to fill emotional needs. It’s important to remember that when you move, you’ll always take your baggage, both literal and metaphorical, with you.


“For nomadic living to be successful, you need to be at a stage of stability… you’re shifting so much. The comforts and structure you're used to are gone.” - Sonya


Perhaps your heart isn’t singing at the thought of extended periods of international travel. That’s okay. What does make your heart sing? Whatever it is, don’t be held back by the “challenges” that stand in your way. Dream. Strategize. Plan. And pursue the fullness of life that led you into entrepreneurship in the first place. Anything is possible!


Have you ever thought about embarking on the incredible adventure of nomadic living? It isn’t for the faint of heart, but with intentional strategic planning, and a good dose of flexibility, it has the potential to offer rich life experience for your entire family. What are you waiting for? If you would like to know more about the nomadic lifestyle, Sonya would love to answer your questions. Visit the Women in the Business Arena Facebook group and join the discussion.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:03
  • Sonya’s Adventure with Nomadic Living - 5:45
  • The Realities of Nomadic Living - 8:34
  • All of the Logistics - 18:48
  • Overcoming the Challenges - 25:32
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 36:13


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