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Feb 11, 2019

“So many entrepreneurs try to pretend that they know everything. This leads to instability in self, business, and relationship.” Sonya (2:01)


It’s time to get honest, honest about the things we know… and the things we don’t. So often, the world expects entrepreneurs to be a one-man band of services. We can find ourselves stretching, overextending, and claiming to be an expert in things that actually lie outside of our lane of genius. The secret to building a sustainable and successful business is not found in being all things to all people, but in identifying the areas you are passionate about, giving yourself permission to become laser-focused on those things, and letting go of everything else.  


“The world tries to make it seem that entrepreneurs should be good at everything… that if we were to admit that we aren’t, somehow that makes us unworthy of investment.” - Sonya (5:00)


This tendency to be inauthentic in identifying our genius lies on a spectrum of two extremes. There are entrepreneurs who claim to know everything and are then in danger of offering mediocre services to clients. When you feel the need to put forth a front of knowing everything, you cut yourself off from the potential of growth that only lies in feedback and an openness to learn. There can be a fear that specialization will dry up your client leads. This scarcity mindset can cause us, again, to take on clients that need services that we aren't equipped to provide with excellence. On the other end of the spectrum lies the entrepreneur who lacks the confidence to own any level of genius. They undersell their services and limit what they offer. In both of these situations, insecurity is the root, and inauthenticity is the result.


“Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Just because there is a gap, doesn’t mean we’re the one to fill it.” - Laura  (27:34)


If you find yourself trying to operate outside of your lane of genius, you may wonder how to find resolution. When we’re piled high with tasks, it can be hard to see a way out. If you find yourself in this place, the first thing to do is make a list. Take inventory of your services, big and small. Then identify which things actually don’t fit your passion, your skillset, your genius. Everything that lies outside of that scope should be released. Keep this list. It will evolve as you grow and learn. Instead of slowly adding as you grow, you should be slowly moving things off of your list so that you are able to become more focused on your passion.


When you identify that there are services you need to move out of your lane, the best way to move forward is to begin building a team of referrals who possess the genius that isn’t yours. You have the power to connect your clients with other resources and people who are experts in those realms. One of the most challenging aspects of identifying what lies outside of your lane is having the courage to clearly communicate this to others. The world tells us we should be good at everything, and maybe you are “good” at most components of your business.

But no one is a genius in everything. When you are clear about this you become reliable and trustworthy, because you only take on what you can do, and let go of everything else. This solidifies your integrity, and this will be the key to building a sustainable business.


It’s time to trade “good” for “great” and give your business the space it needs to become focused, impactful, and empowered for long-term sustainable success.


“Often our genius work is what we do almost effortlessly and that’s why we hardly ever value it. It was a gift we were born with.”-  Laura (14:35)


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:12
  • Being an Expert in Everything Doesn’t Serve You - 7:25
  • Know Your Genius // Refer Things That Aren’t - 15:12
  • Filling Gaps // Evolve, Grow, and Let Go - 27:52
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 33:02


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