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Aug 6, 2018

“How do we talk about ourselves in business without giving up our power, or asserting too much power?”


In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of building confidence in speaking about self within the context of business. Too often, women struggle to speak about themselves, without feeling that they are being arrogant or cocky. This becomes a huge issue in the way of success. If you can’t clearly articulate your value, it is hard to create financial success in your business. Some of the struggle has been built into our culture through years of suppression. We were conditioned to “sit quietly and look pretty”. Business has always been a masculine dominated field and women still struggle to have a voice in it. Sonya and Laura talk about how important it is for women to speak up and learn to talk about themselves with confidence. Business is one of the greatest paths to finding our voice and owning our authority.


“When we own our experience without making anyone ‘wrong,’ that is authority. When we believe our experience is the only wisdom out there, and everyone else is wrong, that’s arrogance”


Sonya and Laura explore the pain that many women feel as they recognize the ways that their voice has been suppressed. We may feel a sense of anger and this feeling is ok! It is important to process this pain, in our pursuit of wellness, in order for us to find success in life and in business. This is the path to owning who we are and what we have to bring to the world. It is a rite of passage for learning to talk about ourselves authentically.


“Igniting our power often brings up a lot of the pain we’ve experienced from denying our power”


Many times, our story influences our desire to build our business. However, our story cannot be the foundation of our business. Our story adds flavor, but the foundation of the business must be the desire to address the need of the consumer.


As we focus on developing our wisdom and authority, the internal validation we experience will give a sense of power. We don’t have to put our authority out there for someone else to validate. Seeking external validation will lead to a sense of incongruence with self. Being true to self will foster confidence, authority, and give us a voice in our business.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 0:56
  • Congruence in Our Message- 4:20
  • Why Is it So Hard for Women to Speak to Our Expertise- 7:45
  • The Importance of Having a Viewpoint- 11:50
  • The Pain of Denying our Power- 15:16
  • The Value of Talking About Yourself in Your Business- 20:20
  • Developing Your Authority- 27:20
  • Self-Assessment and Realignment as You Develop Your Authority- 35:00
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 41:25

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