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Mar 26, 2018

“We have to stop playing the game and start shifting our language.”


We’ve talked before about how to look at business through a feminine lens or a masculine lens.


In this week’s episode, we're talking about language. A lot of the language you hear in business is from more of the masculine framework - things like, "killing it", “hustle", "work hard - play hard", or "the grind.” So, the question is, do we need to change the language to be more authentic in the way we operate our businesses as women?


“Language does perpetuate culture. We can keep perpetuating culture that’s already in existence, or we can create a new culture.”


Language can either build up our culture or tear it down.


Sometimes, we underestimate the power of our language. We can either use it to be inclusive or exclusive. It ultimately determines the way that people perceive us, and can have a massive impact on the influence we have.


“We need to redefine what success and getting to our goals means.”


We also have an exciting announcement!


Next week, on our 50th episode, we’re going to be giving the Liberation Lab a whole new look and feel. The Liberation Lab is changing its name to Women in the Business Arena. We’re starting a FB group to continue our amazing discussions and we’re going to be offering some trainings and takeaways.


Some topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction - 1:27
  • Male Perspective in Business - 5:10
  • The Power of Language - Inclusive vs Exclusive: 8:20
  • Calling people “in” instead of calling them out - 13:30
  • The Meaning and connotation of language - 15:45
  • The Balance of “Do” and “Be” - 20:12
  • The Broken system of the “side hustle” - 27:05
  • What do I really want? - The Success Treadmill 31:15
  • Getting caught up in the hustle - 36:45
  • Redefining success - 38:20


How to get involved

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  • Reach out to us - we’d love to hear more about where you’re at in life and business -


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